Zach Ocean
September 22, 2022

Practice the Y Combinator interview with an interactive voice bot

Practice pitching your startup with our new voice bot demo.

The Y Combinator interview squeezes a lot of impact into very little time. You log onto Zoom, get grilled for 10 minutes, and a few hours later you'll know if your company is accepted into YC's accelerator program (which comes with $500k in funding).

When Uberduck interviewed for the Winter 2022 batch, my co-founder Will and I spent hours practicing questions from question banks we found online. And it worked—we got in!

It turns out that talking about your startup is a slightly different skill than actually building your startup. So to help with the talking part, we built a voice that you can use to practice the interview directly from your web browser. Check it out here and let us know what you think.

And if you applied to YC for the Winter 2023 batch, best of luck!

September 22, 2022