Zach Ocean
July 21, 2023

A new voice hosting policy for Uberduck

Some changes to our voice hosting policy.

Today we're announcing some changes to our voice hosting policy.

We'll be removing public user-contributed voices from the platform. You will still be able to use the commercial-friendly voices from our voice actor partners. You will also still have private access to voices that you've created yourself, and you can manage access to the voices that you create. As per our terms of service, make sure you have all necessary rights and permissions for voices you create.

This policy will be rolled out over the coming weeks. We will also be adding zero-shot voice creation capabilities.

We appreciate the effort many of you have put in to create these voices. We feel this is a critical step to ensure Uberduck can grow responsibly and accelerate technical development.

For questions around the new policy, please email support. If common themes emerge, we will put together an FAQ.

July 21, 2023