Will Luer
April 25, 2023

Grimes and the Future of AI Music

Grimes embraces AI collaboration, invites creators to generate music with her AI voice, and shakes up the music industry's traditional norms.

Grimes, the singer, songwriter, and producer, is always pushing the envelope, and her latest move is no exception. She recently tweeted about her excitement for the blend of artificial intelligence and music. Grimes said that she would split 50% of royalties with any successful AI-generated song that features her voice, treating it like any other collab with a fellow artist.

Grimes tweet

The whole idea of AI and music coming together opens up a world of creative possibilities. Generative AI algorithms can produce new songs and remix existing ones in a wide variety of styles, capturing the essence of various artists' unique sounds. By sharing her voice with the world, Grimes is encouraging collaboration and making it known that AI has a place in music.

Grimes's fresh take on AI-generated music doesn't just challenge the music industry's status quo – it also gets artists and creators thinking outside the box. With tech getting better and better, we're bound to see more interesting things come from the mix of art and AI. In the meantime, Grimes's open attitude and passion for AI collabs are sure to inspire a new generation of musicians to dive into the endless possibilities that generative AI has to offer.

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April 25, 2023