Zach Ocean
May 19, 2022

Announcing custom voice clones

Clone your own voice on Uberduck with our new premium plan.

BOOM! Hear that? That was the sound of us launching Uberduck custom voice cloning.

voice clone rocket

If you:

  • are in sales and want to send thousands of custom voice messages
  • are a voice actor that wants to automate yourself
  • just want your voice clone for fun

then we can help. We offer both speaking voices—natural speech like what you'll find in the speaking section of our text to speech site—and singing voices like the ones found in our singing section that allow you to precisly control the pitch and rhythm of generated audio.

To get started with voice cloning, head on over to our pricing page and buy the Clone plan.

Like all the good parts of Uberduck, custom voice clones are powered by the Uberduck community. That means when you buy a voice clone from us, we work with a trusted member of our open source machine learning community to QA your audio data and train your voice model to perfection. We're always looking for more software engineers, ML engineers, or people excited about machine learning to join our community and make money by helping people accomplish amazing things with machine learning. If that's you, get in touch!

May 19, 2022