Case Studies


used Uberduck

Cadbury Celebrations used Uberduck's APIs to target hundreds of thousands of customers with personalized birthday songs and videos.



Cadbury Celebrations, the iconic chocolate brand owned by Mondelez International, and Ogilvy, the legendary advertising agency, are global leaders in pushing the limits of technology in marketing and personalization.

The Problem

Mondelez and Ogilvy came up with a campaign that would emphasize generosity and gifting, all while achieving personalization at scale with generative AI. The idea was to let users create custom personalized birthday songs and videos for their loved ones that could be shared alongside a box of chocolates.

"We built a platform by engineering a transformative AI and machine-learning aided technology that will help people create their own unique personalised ‘Happy Birthday’ songs for their loved ones in real time. That’s maybe 8+ billion birthday songs, for a planet of 8+ billion people. We believe this delightful AI-enabled human idea will enable everyone to express how much their loved ones mean to them by making them feel truly special on their birthdays."

Sukesh Nayak
Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India
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